Hi again, EdStartup 101 friends!  Apparently my account was one of the ones that had to be deleted and recreated in order for syndication to function properly.  So, in honor of this new-yet-old adventure, and to keep things clean on my “regular” blog, I started this blog just for you … or just for us.  It’s the beginning of the school year in my face-to-face teaching world, a time when people often buy new notebooks, new pens, new school and office supplies of all kinds.  So it’s exciting to begin this new adventure with a new blog, too … and a very different theme from my old familiar one.

I’m repeating parts of my introductory post and reposting my introductory video just to make sure everything comes through properly.  Apologies if you’ve already seen this once, twice, or thrice!

For the record, here’s my introductory YouTube video once again

And here’s some more information about me and the two projects I hope to get off the ground through the EdStartup 101 process.

I look forward to this adventure – and to getting to know as many of you as I can in our time together.  What a great time to start something new!  And what fun to be able to start and restart, too.