This will be the first of three posts for the EdStartup 101 MOOC about my two interrelated Ideas for making change in education.  Since I’ve been working on both ideas for a few years – and since there’s a working prototype of the first idea and a vision statement for the second one – it’s both easier and harder for me to write this post than it would be if I were earlier in the process.  It’s easier because I’ve learned a good bit about what will work and what won’t work, but it’s harder because I’ve been in the trenches with these ideas for a while.

There’s probably something I’m missing because I’m too close to both ideas.  So I hope you’ll help me see it and address it … and I’ll be glad to try to do the same for you.’

I’m writing this introduction as a separate post, by the way, because I really, really want to keep to the suggested two-screen limit for each of the actual Idea posts.  Just so you know,

  • Idea #1 is about inverting the textbook, and
  • Idea #2 is about inverting the school.

You can see why they’re closely related, I’m sure, but you can also see why they’re somewhat separate.

You should also know that both of them involve replacing the factory with the learning community as the governing paradigm and organizing principle.  So here we go….